Some good solar resources

Some good sources for information about solar photovoltiacs in New York State and beyond.

[These links are sorted by geographic scope covered (national, state or local) and thereafter alphabetically by name.]

Scope Description
National DSIRE is the most comprehensive source of information on incentives and policies that support renewables and energy efficiency in the United States
National The Federal Investment Tax Credit (Form 5695) is worth 30% of your investment in the system
National NREL Open PV database (real time state of PV market in US)
National NREL Solar Resource Data Center
National PACEnow is advocacy/policy nonprofit for innovative financing for clean energy investments
National Solar Road Map is DOE sponsored interactive map of solar-friendly jurisdictions
State The New York State solar energy credit is worth 25% of your investment, capped at $5,000
State The New York State property tax exemption form
State Energy Improvement Corp is implementing PACE financing in NYS
State New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA)
State New York Solar Energy Society (NYSES)
State NYS solar program results (PV contractors upload their information here)
State NYS Energy Plan documents
State NYISO: Click on “Documents and Resources” here to choose which data to download, e.g. 2014 Gold Book lists every generating facility in New York State.
State NYS solar incentive program
State Open NY portal: Search for “solar” here and locate data on solar incentive program performance history)
State NYS Public Service Commission: Search for “Case 14-M-0101” here to find Reforming the Energy Vision (REV)
Local ConEdison Distributed Generation Program
Local Interactive graphic on Solar in Westchester County
Local NY Solar Smart, a DOE sponsored program housed at CUNY to coordinate DOE and state agency efforts “ to lower the soft costs of installing solar across New York State.”
Local NYC Solar Map of solar capacity for buildings (good topo maps for Westchester included)
Local Sustainable Westchester, a local initiative, in Westchester County NY, with over 40 cities, towns and villages participating.
Local Westchester County GISS (mapping with some solar potential information)
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