Battery storage for homeowners

Tired of black-outs & brown outs

How often do you lose power?

We specialize in integrating battery storage with renewable energy to keep your home’s vital function safe and secure—no matter what happens to the grid.

  • Instead of a fossil-fuel fired backup generator, why not install maintenance-free, silent battery storage?
  • And why not top up your battery each day from the solar system on your roof?

Fossil fuel-fired generators versus batteries

Battery StorageGenerator Set

Noise and exhaust

No noise! No exhaust!

Yes, combustion engines produce noise, exhaust and waste heat.

MaintenanceNo maintenance!Yes, weekly test runs are required.

Fuel costs

No fuel costs! Your solar system charges the batteries.

Yes, propane, natural gas, diesel, or gasoline is required.

Fuel storageNo messy fuel storage.

Yes, a fuel tank is required with potential for spills and leakage.

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