Solar for Shingle Roofs

Solar in progress on a shingle roof.
This system uses a DC Optimizer for each solar module to provide peak output of the array. Each Optimizer, such as the one visible here near the combiner box, is mounted on the rail underneath its module.

Composite shingles are the most common type of roof in the residential sector in the Northeast. This residential solar system on a composite shingle uses three paired rows of rails to hold the three rows of modules. The top row has fewer modules to avoid the vents in the center of the roof near the ridge. Each rail is mounted on flashed feet that are bolted down to the rafters in watertight manner.  The green wire visible on top of the rails grounds the entire system. The gray combiner box visible on the left above the large vent collects all the wire for watertight entry into the attic.

Once the modules are mounted on the rails, the wires are managed by being clamped up to the rails to avoid any wear and tear from the shingle roof.

Project specs:

  • System size: 10.370 kW
  • Mounting: Shingle roof with tilt of 26 degrees and compass orientation of 105 degrees.
  • Year Installed: 2015
  • Electricity offset: Saving $2,500 per year.
  • State grant: $7,259
  • Federal & state tax credit incentives: $15,872
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