Solar for Cluttered Roofs


Some roofs have more “stuff” on them than others. Sometimes your best solar roof may have 4 or even 5 vents and stacks that break up the open areas where we want to place solar modules. No problem! Rail-less systems, such as QuickMount PV to the rescue. On this home, the street-facing roof was totally empty, but faced north. The south-facing roof had multiple vents and stacks scattered along its length.

Using a traditional rail mounted system would have produced wasted rail and non-aligned rail under abutting modules. With a rail-free system, the feet and flashing is attached to the roof rafters in watertight manner. Then hefty clamps attach each module directly to the feet beneath it. To hide the feet and clamps from view, we usually attach a skirt to the lower edge of the bottom row. The foot, clamp and skirt assemble can be seen here on the lower left.

We could have mounted the same number of modules using rails, but doing so would have required more labor and more material.

Project specs:

  • System size: 14.40 kW
  • Mounting: QuickMount PV Rail-less with 22-degree tilt and compass orientation of 105 degrees.
  • Year Installed: 2016
  • Electricity offset: Saving $4,850 per year.
  • State grant: $6,480
  • Federal & state tax credit incentives: $7,521



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