Solar for New Construction


This solar project placed 24 modules on a young couple’s newly constructed home. The architectural plans called for a roof orientation on the garage of due south, 180 degrees with a pitch of 18 degrees. This combination of azimuth and tilt help optimize the solar harvest, as the mid-afternoon shadows in this photo indicate. The home to the left opens up toward the south to optimize passive solar harvest for the living spaces. This modest system, 5.88 kW in size, is projected to meet 100% of this new home’s average annual electric consumption. What a nice, tidy array!

Project specs:

  • System size: 5.88kW
  • Mounting: SnapNRack System 100 and seam clamps on standing seam metal roof with 18 degree tilt and compass orientation of 180 degrees.
  • Year Installed: 2016
  • Electricity offset: Saving $1,000 per year.
  • State grant: $2,352
  • Federal & state tax credit incentives: $10,188


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