Solar for flat roof with EPDM membrane

What about solar on flat roofs with rubber membranes? No problem!

Solar on flat roofs
Solar on flat roofs

For commercial or residential clients with flat roofs that are sealed with EPDM or other watertight products, we avoid roof penetrations by using a ballasted racking system. Here, lightweight fiberglass “baskets,” made by DynoRaxx, hold the solar modules in place.  We lay down an EPDM “door mat” under each basket. The basket rows are ballasted with concrete paver tiles to weigh down the system.

Conduit runs are supported either on the baskets or with sturdy feet as is visible here in the lower right.

In the absence of rails, the DC Optimizers are bolted to each module’s frame before being wired and grounded.

Project specs:

  • System size: 13.2 kW
  • Mounting: EPDM roof (10 degrees tilt on fixed rack) and standing seam metal roof (27 and 13 degree tilts) with various compass orientations between 152 and 240 degrees.
  • Year Installed: 2015
  • Electricity offset: Saving $3,200 per year.
  • State grant: $9,254
  • Federal & state tax credit incentives: $17,674
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