Solar for a Barge

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solar boat barge
With some careful planning, solar can be mounted on barges and boats.

The Science Barge’s Energy Makeover is Complete!

It takes energy to grow food!  Sunlight drives photosynthesis to grow plants.  But the Science Barge also needs electricity to operate pumps and fans in its unique urban farm.

The Science Barge floats at the end of Dock Street on the Yonkers NY waterfront at the mouth of the Saw Mill River. The Barge has no connection to the electric gird–on purpose!

The Barge uses wind and solar power as well as biofuel to provide 100% of the electricity needed to run its greenhouse.

Croton Energy Group recently completed the energy makeover for the Barge, expanding the solar system and upgrading the battery system from lead acid to a new lithium iron phosphate technology.

With this new self-running energy system, the Science Barge once again remains at the forefront of demonstrating sustainable ways to offer a valuable learning experience for all its visitors.




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