Lighting upgrades

Commercial lighting upgrades have numerous benefits

  • Safer, more properly lit workplace
  • Lower operating costs from more efficient fixtures
  • lowered maintenance cost as new lights last much longer
  • Great incentives from state and utilities are available
We have just completed the lighting upgrade on the left half of the factory floor. The right half of the floor shows the T-12 fixtures we replaced with new high-output T-8 fixtures. Results were immediate: More light, fewer fixtures, lower electric bills.


Lighting upgrades for our clients have payback periods of under 3 years.

Another benefit is greatly reducing the number of legacy replacement bulbs that you need to keep on.

Prices on new LED technologies have come down sharply.  A lighting upgrade is a great time to also add lighting controls such as dimmer options and daylight or occupancy sensing.

Here are two Client Case Studies: one on Interior Lighting and another on Parking Lot Lighting.

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