Our Goal Zero story

GZ logotypeCEG is an authorized Goal Zero dealer! Call us (914-862-4177) or email us ([email protected]) for details about special pricing. We’ll also help you decide which Goal Zero product combination best meets your needs.

As we were designing a weather proof solar + battery + charging system for the 2014 Clearwater Festival, we came across the Goal Zero product line. We immediately ordered a bunch of cool things. We liked what we got so much that we signed on as a Goal Zero dealer.  This Goal Zero stuff is really durable and foolproof to work with! photo 1 Here, I’m charging the Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 camping lantern from the Nomad 20 solar panels.

  • Want to charge up your tablet while at the beach? Try a Nomad 7, just as fast as your wall outlet.
  • Want to have electricity all night long at your off-grid hut in the mountains? Try the Yeti 1250 Solar Generator kit.

We can walk you through the options and combinations to best fit the specific power needs that you have–whenever you are off the grid–from a cell phone at the beach to a hut in the hills. Hit the “contact us” tab above. Or give us a ring at the number below.  Ask us for special pricing and shipping/delivery options. The Shop is here.


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