Our Solar Referral Bonus Program

Refer a friend or neighbor to us, and earn $500, when they go solar with us.

Our best tool for helping more people go solar is word-of-mouth from happy clients. Tell a friend or neighbor about going solar with us. Let us know how to contact them.

We’ll take it from there, with the same no-pressure approach we took with you.

When we install their solar system, we mail you a Solar Referral Bonus check for $500. And a big Thank You!

What is the fine print?

  1. No limit on how many times you can earn a referral bonus.
  2. Solar systems need to be installed within 1 year of your referral.
  3. It does not matter how the friend or neighbor finances his or her solar system.
  4. Most referral offers are non-transferrable. Ours is!  We will make out your Solar Referral Bonus check to you—or to your favorite 501(c)(3) charity or non-profit in your name. Just tell us.

How do I use the Solar Bonus Program?

  1. Tell your friends, family and neighbors about your great solar experience.
  2. When they show interest in going solar, fill out the form below with your information and their information.
  3. Hit “Submit.”
We’ll take it from there.  Thank you!
My Information:
My Referral's Information:
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