Questions to Ask a Solar Installer (part 3)


7. Can we go over the racking, mounts and fasteners that will be used?

Same as above. Structural attachments between the roof and the modules are extremely crucial elements of your installation.

8. Can I have the names and contact information of three references?

Unhappy customers are sure to tell you about their experience. You should also go to the company’s website and look for testimonials, as well as research the company online for any related reviews. It also wouldn’t hurt to ask for one or two local addresses you could drive by to see the installs for yourself, in person.

9. Can I see some photos of systems you’ve installed that are similar to the ones you’ll be installing on my house?

Chances are, if they can’t show you any photos, they haven’t done much in the way of actual work.

Going solar should be a great experience, not a headache. Doing your homework upfront will give you something money can’t buy: peace of mind. Ask these questions, and you’ll be well on your way to a good solar experience.



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