Made in the Shade

IMG_4839_EV_charger_+PVWhat if a carport shaded the parking lot at your place or work, local mall, or commuter station?
No more searingly hot car seats and steering wheels after your car baked in the summer sun all day! No more scraping ice off your windshield in the winter! Hooray!
What if that carport had a roof that generated electricity?
Croton Energy Group's Director of Solar, Patrick Dias, estimates that each parking space in a good sunny spot could produce about 2,500 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year.  That is roughly how electricity much a typical suburban home uses in two and half months.
Electricity consumers with big parking lots might be able to generate enough electricity to offset full year of electric bills.
Again, Patrick projects that if 820 parking spaces with unobstructed sun and southern exposure were decked with carports, the photovoltaic panels mounted on top could produce 2 million kilowatt-hours per year of electricity. 
By way of comparison, 2 million kilowatt-hours is roughly how much electricity used by all the municipal buildings and streetlights and water pumps owned and operated by the Village of Croton-on-Hudson in an entire year.  Guess who owns a big parking lot at the Croton-Harmon Train Station? You guessed it: the Village!  
Many home and business owners have experienced steeper than normal electricity rate increases in recent years.  If your school or company had a large array of solar carports, you could kiss those steep rate hikes goodbye!