Laying out solar powered phone charger for Clearwater Festival

PV power electronics board for solar + battery system with charge controller (on right), batteries (red on far right) and inverter/ac coupler (grey box on left).

We had to design a photovoltaic system that would be both portable (for a temporary installation) and powerful enough to provide ample juice. The system included a full sized inverter (Outback), charge controller (Outback), and (2) 12 volt batteries (Enersys in red boxes), and communications hub (also by Outback) powered by (3) Suniva 270 W (US made) photovoltaic modules. The AC outlets are in the GFI quad box with clear lid at top far left above the white grounding box. This power electronics set up will handle a lot more than 3 PV modules. But we wanted to show visitors what the guts of a real system would look like.

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